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      Monterey Regional Waste Management District 65th Anniversary Celebration and Ribbon Cutting
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      109th Annual Awards Dinner
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      Asilomar Mixer
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      Personalized Oncology of Monterey Bay
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      2017 Membership Luncheon Presenting Sponsor: Rabobank, N.A.
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      2017 Membership Luncheon
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      2017 Membership Luncheon
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      2017 Membership Luncheon
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      2017 Membership Luncheon
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      Melville Tavern Ribbon Cutting
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      Office Depot Ribbon Cutting
  • Message from Jody Hansen, MPCC President/CEO Message from Jody Hansen, MPCC President/CEO

    As 2017 begins, we extend our gratitude to all our members. Your support enables us to do important work in the community to protect business and organization interests:

    • Working together, Monterey Peninsula Chamber of Commerce (MPCC) successfully advocated for a 5-year extension of the cease and desist order from the State Water Resources Control Board to avert a significant water cutback that could have triggered severe rationing for businesses and residents.
    • MPCC actively engaged its network to help pass Measure X to enable Monterey County to qualify for matching State and Federal transportation funds as a Self-Help County, which leverages $600 Million over 30 years.
    • MPCC supported approval of two corporate-sponsored, affordable workforce housing projects: Pebble Beach (Pebble Beach Resorts) and Spreckels (Tanimura and Antle) that will allow employees to work near their places of employment—saving time, money and the environment.
    • MPCC is one of the founding organizations for Local First, a coalition to encourage local governments to contract with local employers whenever possible to create and protect jobs.

    Thank you for your membership in 2016. We look forward to another banner year on the Peninsula in 2017.

    Best Wishes for a Happy and Prosperous New Year!

    Jody Hansen
    MPCC President and CEO

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