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      Real estate is not only Jason Montgomery's passion, it's in his blood. “Real estate has always been my passion, my father was a general contractor and together, my parents designed, built and sold homes,” says Montgomery, 36, who was born and raised in Monterey. “I guess it's in my blood. That was our dinner table conversation. I grew up in that environment.” And not only is Montgomery passionate about real estate, he's passionate about Marina, where he bought a house about a year ago and immersed himself in the community and local government. “My goal is to work in the community and be a part of the community,” he says. “I want to know my neighbors and I want to be part of the growth of Marina.” With that in mind, Montgomery is learning all he can about his new community and has already applied to be on the advisory boards of both the Marina Water Management District and the Marina Planning Commission. Montgomery is a Realtor for Monterey-based Shankle Real Estate, an independent, family-owned agency for more than 60 years, something that appealed to him. “I intentionally picked that company to work for, because it's one of the last independently owned and operated company in the area. It's been in the same family for more than 60 years,” he says. “I'm so glad I made the move. It's really family there.” He recently celebrated his third year with the company and in 2015 earned a Monterey County Local Area Designation from the Monterey County Association of Realtors, an honor bestowed on only 50 agents in the county. The designation shows that Montgomery is well versed in all aspects of the local area, from local history, laws and regulations to water and land issues. “Being a local, I have intricate knowledge of water issues, development issues, neighborhood histories and possible future development,” he says. “While my qualities may not make me unique, they do make my service special. I am well connected in the trades, plumbing, electric, etc. I have a resource for everything. This makes some tough and overwhelming decisions that my clients have to make, much easier.” Montgomery also relies on his work as a loan officer for a mortgage company to help his clients. “My lending background makes me unique as well. Aside from being able to parrot what a lender says, I have a deep understanding of the why's and how's of lending,” he says. “I want my clients to understand the process they are going through. I want them to feel comfortable and ultimately make them happy. That's what it's all about.” Montgomery was born and raised in Monterey and attended Pacific Grove High School. He spent some time in Hollywood and Scottsdale, Arizona, but the lure of his hometown called him back. He earned his real estate license in 2006, but didn't start selling homes until 2009. He also spent three years with the mortgage company, but he always knew his destiny was in real estate. “I represent a broad variety of buyers, be it investors, millionaires or first-time home buyers,” he says. “This experience affords me great knowledge in the market as a whole.” But his passion doesn't end at real estate. “I love my family. I have two nieces that I adore. I try to be as active in their lives as time allows,” he says. “I am close with my sisters and parents. I am fortunate that my large extended family lives and works on the Peninsula. We see each other often.” He's also passionate about travel, with New Orleans and Sydney, Australia particular favorites, and animals, especially his two rescue dogs that he says “run my life.” For now his goals are to immerse himself in his new hometown, maximize his exposure and do what he does best, making his clients satisfied. “I truly care about making people happy,” he says.